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[Well. Someone's more chipper than usual. Must be his holiday spirit coming through.]

I believe I can safely say that this New Years was the best one I've had in a long, long time. The cruise was wonderful. Especially the food. Really, they should have stuff like that more often. It was nice to be able to include the pokémon as well.

[As Katya shows off her ribbon bow from her spot on his shoulder. Stylish as always, just like her trainer. She looks rather proud of herself even though she hasn't done anything to merit it.]

Thank you to those of you who got me gifts. I apologize that mine were "late." I wasn't about to send them out during a holiday I don't celebrate though. I'm sure you understand.

[He almost says "and I hope you appreciate them" but decides against it. Don't want to come off as too much of a pompous asshole. So he decides to steer the conversation towards something else but still related to the topic, and glances off screen for a moment.]

I had heard about last Christmas and how some people got eggs or items from their worlds. I was pleasantly surprised by what I received... especially considering that my egg would hatch into... ah... I believe they're called "shiny?" His coloring is different from the normal species from what the pokédex has shown me.

[He moves the camera down so a shiny Elekid is in view. It's hard to tell at first glance since it's only a little lighter than the normal colored ones but the sparkle is definitely there. The pokémon puffs out his chest and bangs his fists together.]

Did this happen last year? I mean the eggs hatching into "shinies," that is. And has anyone else gotten one this year? I am rather fantastic but I doubt I'm the only person to have gotten one.

[Don't sound so humble, Raikov. Enough of his adorable Elekid. Time to fix the camera on his beautiful face once more.]

Oh- I almost forgot... I'm pretty sure none of you celebrate Old New Years but if you'd like to or just want an excuse to eat classic, good Russian dishes - courtesy of my amazing cooking skills - and drink lots of vodka, let me know. One should share their happiness during this time, after all.

[OOC: Raikov's gift list is here. He sent his out on the 30th a note attached to each package that said "Do not open until the 1st!"]
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[... Valmont's been gone a long time. This is worrying. Might as well publically ask about it.]

I'm looking for a certain jerk: White hair, prominent nose, British accent, usually wears a green suit. He isn't responding to any of my texts and, as my roommate, he owes me rent money. It's been about two days now, I think.

... I do not like being cheated out of my money. If you've seen his stupid ass, let me know or send him on his way here so I can punch his face.

[Yeah. That oughta do. ... It's not like he cares about him, b-baka.]

[OOC: Raikov's puttering around Goldenrod City, half out of curiousity, and half out of semi-searching for Valmont. Feel free to harass him.]